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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Congo and Timneh African Gray parrot

Grey Parrots

African gray parrot is one of the favorite pets. These parrots are intelligent and in early life, learn to speak. Their talk is based on only a few words and a few phrases.There are two types of African gray parrots.

Congo African Gray parrot is a long 33 to 41 cm II weight is from 450 to 500 gr. Wingspan of these parrots is 46 to 52 cm. Male individuals are hard to distinguish from female specimens.

Eggs starts high in the tree cavity and both parents participate, performed by young individuals. Feed the fish.

Congo African Gray parrot

Congo African Gray parrot

First the Timneh African Gray parrot, and they are smaller than the Congo gray parrots. Color of their feathers is dark gray and have a maroon color of the tail and lighter upper horn.

The second type are Congo African gray parrots, and they are bigger bird feathers they are light gray with red and black beaks.The timneh grey parrot is endemic to the western parts of the moist Upper Guinea forests and bordering savannas of West Africa from Guinea-Bissau, Sierra Leone and Southern Mali east to at least 70 km (43 mi) east of the Bandama River in Ivory Coast.
Timneh African Gray live up to 60 years, a Congo African gray about 50 years.

African Gray

Pouskard African Gray Parrot

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