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Monday, November 30, 2009

And your gardens can be heavenly

People living in the city in the world big hurry, plastic containers and ready entertainment. Plants have some stability, live and grow in their time and we can not rush them, we can only podmirivati their basic needs. They are kind of living furniture that make up our intimate balconies, comfortable and transform our terrace in the oasis of free time - that we must be grateful to them. There is a feeling of success when the first leaves appear or when the plant first bloom. Many of us is precious wealth often associated with pleasant associations of friends, and warm summer nights.

flower garden

flower garden 1

flower garden 2

flower garden 3

flower garden 4

flower garden 5

flower garden 6

Paradise gardens

Understanding the essence of the five elements helps us to make prosperous the selection of flowering plants, colors, materials, forms, decorations and ornaments. The home topic of feng shui, there are information about the symbolic meaning of individual and to please be advised of the selection. Classical combination of plants in the gentle harmony of colors will give the seal of each arrangement.Love the plants begins in childhood, that means if you are a parent, aunt or a neighbor children what you are least expected him to learn to enjoy nature, to help him realize the value and importance of beautiful plants and careful attitude towards them. These small creatures nepamte nothing better than a good example, so show him what signs grow, and its plant. True value of knowledge always comes from commitment.

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