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Friday, November 13, 2009

Ideal pet Maltese poodle

Type of Maltese dogs is the height from 20 to 25 cm and weight from 4 to 9 kg. Originated from Malta and that were named. Lifespan them from 14 to 15 years.This kind of dog is one of the most popular and belongs to race poodle.Maltese dogs are characterized by long silky coat is very elegant white color, but most often, and without light and lemon yellow. Maltese dogs are gentle, smart and very elegant and are therefore ideal as pets for families with children, are often very playful and temperamental ideal as children's toys.
Note ''If you are planning to get a Maltese dog, pay special attention to the food that it will need. Like us, Maltese need a diet that is balanced and full of essential vitamins. Also, a Maltese dog's nutritional requirements will change as it ages and becomes less active. Additionally, its organs may not be able to process all kinds of foods. Therefore, you will need to reconsider your pet's diet as it grows older. ''

Maltese poodle

pet Maltese poodle

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