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Monday, November 23, 2009

Neil Art Gallery worth attention

Nail art has lately become an obsession to younger and older populations.Everyone all around the world know that how important nails are in a woman’s overall beauty and this has given emergence to a new class of people known as nail stylists. They are trained people with new improved and innovative nail styling techniques.For some Japanese, applying cosmetics isn't just about looking good. It's art. In recent years, makeup artists, nail painters, and hair stylists have won more recognition for their work, and a rising number of young Japanese are flocking to the beauty profession. The photograph shows the work of a student at the Japan Makeup Artists Gakuin in Osaka.

 Nail art 1

Nail art butterfly
 Flowers Nail art
 Flowers Nail art 1

 Nail art 2

Nail art   3
Nail art   4
Nail art  fruit
 Flowers Nail art black and white
 Nail art 5
Flowers Nail art 2
Nail art  6

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