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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Religion and Temples of Bali

A majority Hindu island in an overwhelmingly Muslim nation, Bali is perhaps the most culturally unique island in Indonesian archipelago. Known as the island of a thousand temples, religion plays an important role in everyday life for the local Balinese. People are often fond of saying that there are more temples than houses in Bali. A place steeped in thousands of years of history, the temples and palaces all over Bali are a legacy of the ancient kingdoms that once ruled this island paradise.


Bungalow in Lovina beach Bali

Environment in Lovina beach Bali

Museum Exterior

Bali 1

Besakih temple

Bali 1

Bali 2
The average Balinese is fairly devout adherent of the distinct form of Hinduism practised on the island. A faith that that withstood countless attempts of subjugation over the centuries, Balinese Hinduism arose out of an amalgam of traditional Indian Hindu traditions, Balinese animist practises and pre-Islamic Javanese faiths.

family temple andai

meduwe karang

Taksu Shrine

Bali  4

Melanting Pulaki


Ulun Danu Temple

Ulun Danu Bratan Temple
The village temple is the focal point of spiritual life. Regarded as a meeting place between man and god, the temples in Bali burst into life with elaborate decorations during the many festivals and temple anniversaries. There are temples to celebrate nearly every aspect of Balinese life: family temples, village temples, house temples, banjar(neighbourhood) temples, subak(crop irrigation) temples, cave temples, temples honouring the ancestor, and even a temple honouring the monkeys on the island.

Bali Barong Danse
Bali kecak dance
family temple gede
The main temple for the entire island is Besakih Temple, or Mother Temple. Located 1000 metres above sea level on the rising slopes of Mount Agung in Eastern Bali, the temple is named after an ancient Dragon God believed to inhabit the mountain. Other major temples that are accessible to tourists include Pura Luhur Batu Karu in central Bali, Pura Kehen near Bangli, Pura Taman Ayun in Mengwi and the always popular Sangeh Monkey Sanctuary, also in central Bali.

Bali tanahlot

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