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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mehndi Designs

Mehndi is a temporary skin coloring way. It is an ancient art. Egypt has introduced it. In 1980's Egypt and Europeans has to make it much popular among the world. They produce Mehndi by grinding the dry leaves of mehndi plant in to a fine powder. Usually they like to use it by making a semi-concentrated of mehndi powder and water. They use this paste for designing with the help of match sticks. But, now in this age various types of mehndi are available in the market. Different types of mehndi for example, Brown, Dark Brown, black Mehndi or Henna and Blue Henna etc. Mehndi is also varying on the bases of packing, color, odor and nature.
Now, in this advanced era mehndi is available in the form of fine cones as well as in tubes and paste with brush. Due to this it is quite easy to apply mehndi according to our desire. Mehndi is being used as hair conditioners. It is also used as hair dye because mehndi makes the hair enrich.
popular  mehndi tattoos

 weeding and celebrating mehndi designs
 mehndi tattoos
Methods for Apply:
Usually after making semi-concentrated paste mehndi is applied on the hands and feet according to the desire mehndi design. But now the Mehndi designs, styles and patterns are replaced by mehndi tattoos.
Temporary it is liked to make mehndi tattoos. Apply mehndi according to your desire and leave it to dry. Different liquids such as coffee beans, sugar solution and oils are also used to increase its reactivity. After drying remove it with water and then enjoy your desired design with a pleasant odor and smell.
Temporary mehndi designs are much different and simple then weeding and celebrating designs. Commonly in normal days mehndi is just liked to be applied on the hands and feet.  Temporary mehndi designs are simple, traditional and easy designs.
  mehndi designs
  mehndi designs 1
  mehndi designs 2
 Temporary mehndi designs
 Temporary mehndi designs 1
 Temporary mehndi designs 2
 Temporary mehndi designs 3
A very simple, common and well-known mehndi design is; a big spot or dot in the middle of the palm and on the finger pores with zigzag outline. It is also known as folk art or traditional mehndi design. The same style is also applied on the feet.
Indian temporary mehndi designs and folk art also include above described design; they usually liked to use peacock which is their national bird, the peacock wings gives us very romantic mehndi designs. They also like to make an elephant with raised trunk, which is consider a sign of good luck.
Temporary mehndi designs are also includes designs for hands, feet, arms, forearms, legs and umbilicle which are available here.


  1. this designs are very classic thanks for shairng

  2. You usually find tattoos on biker women and street whores.I have never seen then as decorative.Anything that hides the smooth skin beauty of a woman is a shame.


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