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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Funny sandwich

Sandwiches are the food items that are made of two slices of bread with different layers of other food items in between them.
The earliest sandwich has known to be existed since the ancient Jewish times. It was invented when Hillel, a Jewish sage put meat in between slices of flat bread. Since then the tradition has been carried on and today’s famous and tasty sandwiches have come into being. The dish became during the 18th century in Spain, England and other parts of Europe. Various items such as cheese, meat, fruits and condiments were used as the layers between two bread slices. During the 19th century when the industries rose and the middle class were born, the rise of sandwiches was dramatic. Slowly, but steadily, the recipe and popularity of the sandwiches spread to another parts of the world, namely USA. And by the 20th century, it became the staple food of the Americans. Today the king of sandwich manufacturing is Greencore, which is a Scottish firm.

funny sandwich

funny sandwich 1

There are a number of styles of making sandwiches. Each region makes the sandwich according to its own style and with the vegetables and meat available there. For example, the Barros Jarpa is a Chilean sandwich which is made with melted cheese and slices of ham on white bread or the Choripan which is a sandwich made mostly in Argentina, Uruguay and Chile and consists of grilled pork sausages. The other types of sandwiches are club sandwich, Indian sandwiches, vegetable sandwiches, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, hot dog, hamburger sandwich, open sandwich, submarine sandwich, toast sandwich, grilled sandwich, falafel and many more such types.

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The most common type is the club sandwich. If made vegetarian style, a number of items such as tomato, lettuce, cucumber, butter and mayonnaise are used and placed between slices of bread. If made non vegetarian, then chicken breast, tomato, bacon and lettuce are used. The bread used must be slightly thick to hold onto the different layers of layers inside. Club sandwich is very famous in New York. The other popular type is the open faced sandwich. It is made from meat and cheese and is placed under the broiler so that the cheese melts. In India, along with vegetables a number of spices and condiments are used which enhances the taste of the sandwiches.
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Sandwich is a food item that will never disappear from the menu cards of restaurants. It is a very popular dish. Young and old relish the dish. As the ingredients vary, the taste differs and thus, the popularity of sandwiches is retained as each time people get something new to eat.

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